'BIRTHDAY PARTY CENTRAL' is in Pinckney, Michigan...'

Paintball Birthday Parties' are the #1 Party Choice by Moms, Dads and Kids Everywhere!
NEW! Kid Friendly 50-Cal. Division (2/3 smaller paintball) Low Impact & Lower Velocity, Lots of Fun with out the sting.

This New! 50-Cal Division is geared for Boys & Girls 6 to 17 years old!
This is a Separate Division for Beginners all using our low-impact rental guns!

Download a Birthday Party Invitation

We make it easy to invite your guests.

Click this link and download our pre-printed invitation.

It includes everything you need:
  • Frequently asked questions about paintball
  • Space for the birthday details
  • Date, time and specials notes area
  • Request to fill out our on line waiver
Download our PDF Birthday Party Invitation.

Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield is popular with parents for it's 'Turn-Key' Money-Saving, Birthday Packages for children 6 to 17 years old! 

Your Party will have a blast playing Paintball at Hell Survivors!

Hell Survivors is located only 1-hour from Detroit, and less than 30 minutes from the Ann Arbor or Lansing Areas!

Located in the heart of the Livingston County Recreation Area, Hell Survivors has been running paintball games for over 30-Years!

Our Specially Priced, Money-Saving Party Packages include everything that you will need to give your attendees the 'Time of Their Lives'.  This is the Party they will never forget and be talking about forever!

Paintball is a thrilling and exciting game of capture the flag, where friends & family, male or female can participate.

Private game up-grade with your own referee and play fields are available for an additional fee.

Let us know if you have any other additional requests to help make your Birthday Party Perfect!

Book your Special Paintball Outing or Party Now with our:
All prices based on weekend regularly scheduled open play times. 


UP TO 10- PLAYERS (6 to 17 Years old minors + parents)
This is NOT Valid for Adult Birthday Parties (18 & older)
These games are played in the 50-Cal. Beginner Division. (add additional players for only $20.00 per person)
This package includes:
1. 2-hours of ‘low-impact’ 50-Cal Division. (approximately 4-games).
2. Ten (10) 50-Cal Semi-Auto Guns w/Nitro Tank, Goggles & Mask.
3. Four (4) 500-Round Bags of Ammo/Paintballs (2000-rnds. total)
4. Reserved tables, Birthday Party table cloth & a Happy Birthday Sign
custom, with your child’s name on it.
5. Plus! each participant will receive a $20.00 ‘Return Pass’.

This is a $500-Value for Only $259- That's a $240- Savings!

Private Party options:

Weekend Private Game Upgrade (your own field w/ referees during regularly scheduled open play) ....$ 100.00 

Weekday Private Game Upgrade (your own field w/ referees Monday thru Friday for 2-Hours of play)...... $ 250.00

Minor Waivers can ONLY be completed by the 'Minor's Parent or Legal Guardian (no exceptions).

Click here to complete your online waiver. The On-line Waiver can be filled out on a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC.


These Money-Saving Packages must be booked in advance by using our On-Line Booking System!
All prices based on weekend regularly scheduled play times. Alternate weekday play (M-F) add $150.00
(add additional players for only $40.00 per person)
This package includes:
1. Private Party & Games on your own fields with your own referees for 4-hours of play (approximately 8-games).
2. Ten (10) Tippmann® 68-Cal. FT-12 Semi-Auto w/Nitro Tank, Pack System w/belt & Anti-fog Goggles. 
3.  Plus! each participant will receive a $20.00 ‘Return Pass’.

This is an $800-Value for Only $399- (That's  50% Off over a $400-Savings)

This is a pre-paid non-refundable private game package. There are no credits, exchanges, discounts, refunds, or rain checks of any kind. Do not purchase this package unless you understand and agree to these terms. All additional players over the pre-paid 10 people will be charged $40.00 per person. This package does NOT include paintballs.
All Paintballs MUST be purchased at the playfield, No Exceptions!

Additional options: Weekday Private Game (Monday through Friday)......up-charge.......$150.00


We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) Paintball Playfield!

All Pintballs MUST be purchased the playfield &used in all guns at all times! (Sales Tax NOT included)
100-Rnd Bag. Top of the line Premium Paintballs ................................................................$ 7.50

500-Rnd Bag. Top of the line Premium Paintballs ...............................................................$ 24.95

2000-Rnd. Case Top of the line Premium Paintballs. Buy a full case and Save! ............$ 74.95

All Paintballs, Paint Grenades & Smoke Grenades must be purchased at Hell Survivors® Playfield. 
No homemade devices of any type are allowed! 

All private games should be booked in advance by using our 

All prices based on weekend regularly scheduled open play times. 


619 Pearl St Pinckney, MI 


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