All the Biggest Scenario Producers are here this year!

LIVING LEGENDS XI produced by CPX Sports moves to Hell Survivors for a World Class Event at Legendary Facility!

  May 18, 19 & 20, 2018!
 Join CPX  at  Hell Survivors! 

NOTE:This event uses an Exclusive Event-Paint, Only usable at the CPX Living Legends Event. This paint CAN NOT be used at Hell Survivors any other weekend. NO Exceptions!
June 23rd & 24th, 2018

'Mission Masters' 2-Day Scenario Game
2018 Event Flyer
New Rules & Format
August 25th & 26th, 2018

Viper 26-Hr. Scenario 'SHADOW WARS'
2018 Event Flyer


2018 Event Registration and Campsite Reservations are NOW OPEN! 

Reserve your own on-site Camping ($60) or RV Spot ($40) - for the whole Weekend!  Our on-site Trolley Service will pick you up and take you right to the staging area.  We close our On-line Registration & Camping Reservations on Monday, the week of that event.   We usually still have plenty of sites available at the event.  If you see a 'Pole Tag' that says: FOR RENT, take it down to Registration to purchase!  John's Sanitation, Inc. (248)-437-0841 offers Personal Port-a-John's delivered to your site.  .


Hell Survivors is Proud to have the Best Scenario Producers in the World Right Here!
ARMAGEDDON produced by Mission Masters returns to Hell Survivors for the next showdown of the world’s superpowers: two days, seven authentic missions, many interactive challenges, outstanding props, a new final battle, engaging rivalries, and TONS OF FUN for all ages & skill levels!  Factions will include USA (Blue), RUSSIA (Red), EUROPE (Green) and CHINA (Yellow). Our “random allies and enemies” tradition adds great fun & a refreshing twist in the action-packed gameplay for everyone.  New alliance colors will be orange & purple.  The reigning champion of 2017 is Europe – can you change history? Which flag will you fight for?  In any case, honor, proficiency, focus, and a bit of luck are necessary to prevail! BE THE GAME!  Join Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Productions at the legendary Hell Survivors Playing Field in Pinckney, Michigan, to compete for dominance and claim victory in ARMAGEDDON 2018!  
Join Mission Masters and Hell Survivors for a weekend of EPIC Scenario Paintball
FUN & ACTION to decide the fate of the world!

USA (BLUE) Task Force Blue

RUSSIA (RED)Task Force Red

CHINA (YELLOW) Task Force Yellow

EUROPE (GREEN) Task Force Green

Do Not miss out on the 2nd. 'MISSION MASTERS' Event at the legendary Hell Survivors Paintball Playfield!

July 28th & 29th 2018
2-Monster Days of Action!

You do not want to miss this new game format!  

VIPER  Presents: 26-Hr. Scenario Game 'SHADOW WARS' only @ Hell Survivors

The SHADOW (Supreme Hierarchy for Absolute Domination of the World) has been around for longer than most realize. Wherever there has been an armed conflict in the world, it has been The SHADOW that has fed the fire, often selling to both opponents. They have made it their practice to provide just enough of the "tools of war" to keep the battle going without resulting in victory for either side. In this way, they produce customers, and then drain their governments or organizations of every penny before "disappearing" and leaving the two war-torn foes to rebuild on the charred soil of a wasted battleground. It is even believed that they advanced their tactics about three or four decades ago and have actually instigated conflicts between third world countries when "business was slow" in order to assure that they had buyers for their "wares." By recognizing how easily mankind is incited to war, The SHADOW has made the governments of the world, as well as many angry independent factions, their own private board game. Pitting one government against the other "for fun and profit." In allowing ourselves to be nothing more than "toy soldiers" to be manipulated by this mysterious and underhanded organization, we have financed the possible implement of our own destruction.


Featuring GI Sportz Custom Paintballs Only $49- Case!!

Come join Team GI Sportz aka: Tippmann, Empire, BT, JT & Spyder branded guns as take on the World Team, which is: All the other gun manufactures in the World combined! This is  the Biggest Rivalry Game in Paintball!

Join GI Sportz and lots of Celebrity Pro Players, representing DYE, HK Army, Valken, Planet Eclipse and more.
PLAYERS PARTY: Beer-Pong Tournament, FREE HPA FILLS, MEGA-PRIZE GIVEAWAY Plus Awesome New Format & Schedule!


This is the only event of its kind! This brand new format is where GI SPORTZ Guns will take on every other Gun in the World combined! GI Sportz Guns include: Tippmann, Empire, BT, JT & Spyder branded guns only! Be part of history in the making at this giant rivalry event. Join up with hundreds & hundreds of players from all over the US and Canada to be part of this big game. You will be battling it out in a massive two day event. You will capture the enemy's bunkers, purchase assault missions and you can sign up to be an officer to help plan and execute your team's strategy. Special Missions for Bonus Points throughout the weekend. Clues will be announced on our Social Media outlets. See the latest in paintball guns and accessories at the vendor trade show and maybe, you will be a winner in our famous Mega-Prize give away. This is the most fun you will ever have playing paintball! Pre-register Now. We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) Paintball Playfield. 
How about GI Sportz Custom Paintballs for only $49- case on site all weekend!  Plus...  FREE HPA/Nitro Fills !
We'll see you in the jungle!

Tank Application & Rules

Gate opens Saturday Wake up call: 7:00am
Registration Starts: 7:00am
Radar Starts: :8:00am
Game Starts: 10:00am (7-hrs of continuous play)
Game Ends Saturday (All Rentals Must be Returned): :5:00pm

Gate opens Saturday Wake up call: 7:00am
Registration Starts: 8:00am
Radar Starts: :8:00am
Game Starts: 9:00am
Pre-Final Battle Break: 1:00pm
Final Battle Briefing: 1:30pm
Final Battle Starts: 2:00pm
Final Battle Ends  (All Rentals Must be Returned): :2:30pm
Mega Prize Giveaway & Awards Give-Away: 3:00pm
SEPTEMBER 23rd & 24th, 2017 - GATE PRICE: $70.00 Both Days. $40.00 One Day

DELUXE SEMI-AUTO GUN RENTAL: $20.00 per day (Tippmann Semi-Auto with Nitro Tank, Pack System w/tubes, Anti-Fog Goggle System & FREE Unlimmited Nitro) - Paintballs not inlcuded

FULL-AUTO MACHINE GUN RENTAL: $40.00 per day (Tippmann PHENOM Full-Auto with Nitro Tank, Pack System w/tubes, Anti-Fog Goggle System & FREE Unlimmited Nitro). Paintballs not inlcuded

We are a Field Paint Only Paintball Playfield (FPO)
Top of the line FIREBALL Paintballs that shoot flawlessly in all barrel systems.

All paint grenades & smoke grenades must be purchased from Hell Survivors or Exotic Sportz. No Exceptions!
No homemade devices of any type are allowed on the premises.

All lodging prices are subject to change without notice.

Courtyard by Marriott in Brighton (810) 225-9200 Call for Best Rates!

Baymont Inn in Howell (517) 546-0712 Call for rates!

Holliday Inn in Howell (517) 548-0100 Call for rates!

Hell Survivors on-site rustic camping @ Hell Survivors (734) 878-5656
RV Spots $40- Weekend, Camping Spots $60-weekend. (All Rustic/No Hook-ups)

Hell Creek Ranch Hell (734) 878-3632 Call for Rates
This campground is approx. 5 miles from our paintball playfield.
H20, electric, & showers available at extra cost

State Park Campgrounds 1-800-44-PARKS or

John's Sanitation, Inc. (248)-437-0841
Personal Port-a-John's are available by contacting: John's Sanitation Inc.

Shooting or throwing paint & dry-firing are prohibited at the Hotels, State Park Campgrounds & Hell Creek Ranch.


619 Pearl St Pinckney, MI 


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